How to Claim Compensation for Injuries You Get from Motorcycle Accidents

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The next time you’re in an automobile accident, you might wonder how you can claim compensation for the injuries you get in a motorcycle accident. Although motorcycle accidents are typically less serious than car crashes, the injuries you suffer are often far more serious than you’d expect. As a result, you may be entitled to pain and suffering damages, medical expenses, and liability for the other party’s actions. Additionally, you will require a motorcycle accident attorney if a motorcycle accident occurs. Here are some tips for filing a motorcycle accident compensation claim.

Less serious than auto accidents

Injuries from motorcycle accidents are often less severe than automobile crashes, but the cost of medical bills and lost time can still be substantial. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, motorcycle riders are 28 times more likely to die in a traffic accident than car drivers. Because of this, motorcycle accidents are often less expensive to file than auto accidents, and insurance companies may be willing to pay more for injuries sustained by motorcycle riders than by car drivers.

Compared to auto accidents, injuries from motorcycle accidents can be much more serious. It is because a motorcycle has fewer protections than a car or a truck, and its smaller size makes it more vulnerable to impact. As a result, a motorcycle rider can sustain life-altering injuries even if it’s not a fatal accident. For this reason, motorcycle riders should contact a qualified Idaho motorcycle accident attorney if they suffer injuries from a crash.

Medical expenses

If you have suffered a motorcycle accident and are looking for compensation, you should know that your claim will include past and future medical costs. It is important to know because health insurance companies do not reimburse medical expenses unless they are the other party’s fault. Moreover, if the accident is long-term, it is difficult to determine how much you will need to pay for treatment in the future.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

It is important to seek medical attention immediately after a motorcycle accident because your injuries may result in long-term medical conditions. The cost of medical treatment can be in the six-figure range, and you may be required to pay for them out of your pocket. As a result, you often find yourself with a mountain of credit card debt or even having to sell your possessions to make ends meet. In such a situation, contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer is important to help you get maximum compensation for your injuries.


Many motorcycle accidents result from negligence by another driver. Distracted drivers, for example, may fail to notice a motorcycle approaching and cut it off. Another common cause of accidents involves road conditions, such as large potholes or cracks in the pavement. It can make it difficult for motorcyclists to control their vehicles and cause accidents. Government organizations are responsible for maintaining road conditions, so keeping a careful eye on them is vital.

To obtain a compensation award, you must prove that the accident was the cause of the injuries. Damages can range anywhere from pain and suffering to lost earnings. For example, if the accident caused permanent physical damage, you could expect to be compensated for lost earnings or reduced earning potential. In some cases, you can get a settlement for a small amount. A lawyer can determine the number of damages due and prove whether the at-fault party is responsible for the accident.

Sources of compensation

After a motorcycle accident, victims may wonder about sources of compensation. Perhaps they had a stable job before the accident but are now unable to do so due to their injuries. Perhaps they’ve suffered from excruciating pain and uncertainty in their lives. Whatever the case, you may be eligible for compensation. While your case will depend on your circumstances, there are many ways to receive compensation for the damages you’ve suffered.

In Texas, you may be entitled to medical expenses up to a certain limit if the other party is at fault. In addition to past medical costs, you may be eligible for lost income and punitive damages. You can claim these damages against the person at fault for the accident, but you must know that you can only recover past expenses, not future ones. In addition, you may not be eligible for damages from the alcohol establishment where the accident occurred. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can identify all possible sources of compensation and negotiate with the insurance company to obtain the most appropriate amount.