What To Do After Car Accidents

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Hitting a pedestrian is definitely a nightmare for any driver. You might have seriously injured someone and the outcomes of such an accident can be incredibly horrible. Just as with any accident, some particular steps have to be taken after you hit a pedestrian. Munley Law recommends the following very important things that would improve the outcome.

Get Medical Help

You first need to make sure you are not in danger, and you are ok. Then, you have to check the pedestrian and analyze their condition. Call to get medical help and make sure to stay until help comes. When the pedestrian is in a position that is hazardous, like on the road, try to minimize extra injury risk. Just do not move the person when seriously hurt or unconscious. Instead, mark the area and make sure oncoming traffic can see you.

Contact The Police

Always call 911 when you hit a pedestrian with your vehicle. This is actually legally required in most US states right now. Do not leave the scene and wait for officers to come. If you decide to leave the scene, some pretty serious legal consequences will appear for you in the future. The accident might end up considered a hit-and-run and you will face criminal charges.

Document What Happened

At a later point, you will need to have several documents on hand, and you do have to document as many accident details as possible. This is particularly important for potential insurance claims you might have to deal with. Always note down the following things:

  • Pedestrian details.
  • Witness details.
  • Accident details – This includes things like location, date, road conditions, weather conditions, time, and exactly what you say happened. You might end up forgetting some things in the future.
  • Badge numbers and names for police officers who arrived at the scene.

Another thing you should remember is that taking photographs of what happened is very useful. Photos are great at recording accident details. This also includes property damage photos as they can become relevant.

Contact The Insurance Company

This is one thing many drivers do not know but it is very important that you get in touch with your insurance provider. Do this as soon as you can after the accident. The insurance company is capable of communicating with the attorney of the pedestrian and help you have to pay less. Your attorney or you should also analyze your insurance policy. This is useful to understand possible liabilities and your coverage.

Be Careful With What You Are Saying

It is completely normal to be shocked since you hit someone. At the same time though, you should stay calm and be aware of everything you say. Never apologize for what happened or say anything that would imply the fact that the collision was your fault. It is possible you do not fully understand exactly what happened and your simple words would assume fault.

Remember that in some cases, it is the pedestrian that is at fault for what happened. The insurance company or the police will analyze accident details and will determine fault. For instance, the pedestrian might have been jaywalking.